Qualifications to be the Imperial Outer Guard

15 Requirements That Gary Bergenske Feels Are Necessary


Choosing the Imperial Outer Guard is one of the most important responsibilities of an Imperial Representative.  The choice is one that will last for 11 years as that individual continues to move up the Imperial Line.  In making the selection many areas should be considered in each of the candidates to insure the “right” person is elected. Getting the right people in the right place is critical to any organization and is vital the future of the Shrine Fraternity. Following are key points and principles that Gary Bergenske feels should be considered in the selection of this most important office, to get the best possible candidate elected to the  team.  


1.       Positive Attitude – The ability to see people and situations in a positive way.  To be  so positive it becomes contagious to others.  Is mentally disciplined.

2.       Leadership Ability – Has a proven track record of leading people.  Has a desire to continually make himself a better leader by continuing to learn.

3.       Full of Energy – Good health, high energy, the strength to be effective in all travels throughout North America.  Can and will energize others by example.

4.       Integrity – To be trustworthy, to be of good character, to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.  Is always responsible and accountable for all actions.

5.       Personal Warmth – To have a personality that makes people want to be around you.  Has a winner’s attitude and wants all around to be a part of it.

6.       Charisma – Being a good listener, believing in people, treating others the way they want to be treated.  Making others feel good about what they are doing.

7.       Proven Record – Has a history of successful experiences.  Has shown he is a skilled leader and team player.  Has risen to the top in many successful endeavors.   Is a winner with good values and morals. Has the respect of others.

8.       Thinks Outside the Box – Can see the big picture, has the ability to turn dreams into reality.  Is a creative thinker with vision and loves challenges. 

9.       People Skills – Has the ability to work with people and to motivate them.  Can make people feel comfortable and want to be a part of the team.  Has a sense of humor.  Will mentor, coach, and teach others to help them become better.

10.  Motivational Skills – Can inspire people to do more than they thought they could do.  To take them to the next level, keep them there, and have fun doing it.

11.  Communicator – A good speaker, an inspirational person that has good stage presence.  Can also communicate well by written and electronic correspondence.

12.  Passionate – Loves what he is doing.  Enjoys and has the desire to always do more to make things better.  Devoted, and works with diligent care to please others.  Works with vigor as an organizer and promoter.  Builds good relations.

13.  Has Support of Family – Has no personal problems, has a good self-image, has business and personal affairs in order.  Can afford time and money required.

14.  Persistent – Knows how to keep going despite any set backs.  Stays focused, is on a mission to complete a project or job with a successful solution.

15.  Desire – Has the willpower and horsepower to make things happen.  Will work hard to continue to develop self and all those around for success.  Is fully committed to achieving success regardless of difficulties. A pleasure to be around.