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Gary J. Bergenske
Bahia Shriners  *  Orlando, Florida
Candidate for
Imperial Outer Guard

Proven Shrine Leader
Positive Attitude  *  Persistent Worker  *  Passionate Shriner
1101 West Kennedy
Orlando, Florida  32810
Office:  (407) 875-0000
Home:  (407) 767-0788
FAX:     (407) 875-0480
I am committed to work for and to serve the Shrine of North America to the best of my ability.  Please call me with any question you might have or e-mail me.  We are at a pivotal point in the history of the Shrine, and we must focus on Leadership Development, Masonic Relations, and Membership Growth so that we can prosper into the future.  Selecting our leaders for the future has never been more important, and I invite you to review my qualifications. 
If you are a Representative, I respectfully ask for your vote in July at the Imperial Session in Tampa for Imperial Outer Guard.  If you are not a Representative, I ask for your support and encouragement as I work to successfully be elected.  This is the Greatest Fraternity on the face of the earth, and we must keep it that way by working together with good Leadership.  I ask for your VOTE.
Below is Gary J. Bergenske's Bio
as printed in Bahia Shriners 2005
Installation of Officers

Illustrious Sir Gary J. Bergenske
Bahia Shrine Potentate 2005

Gary J. Bergenske was elected to the high office of Bahia Potentate for the year 2005 at the Annual Elections held during the Stated Meeting on December 2, 2004. 

Gary was born in Madison, Wisconsin, on May 28, 1954. Gary moved to the Orlando area in 1985 when he made the purchase of J & J Metro Moving and Storage, a company he has owned and operated for the past 20 years. Gary has three children, Carrie, Lisa and Jason. Gary meet Anne Haley at a Shrine Auction put on by the Legion of Honor in 1996. They were married in Las Vegas in May of 2003.  Anne also has three children, Jami, David, and Jared. The six children range in age from 18 to 27, and at one point they had the challenge of having four in college at one time. Since then the three oldest have graduated. This family now resembles that of the Brady Bunch, with three girls, and three boys joined together through a marriage. 

Gary became a Master Mason in 1994 and is a member of Eola 207. He is also a member of the Orlando Scottish Rite. Gary has held appointed positions at Bahia over the past few years as 1st and 2nd Ceremonial Masters, Colonel of Units, and Membership Chairman. Prior to that he held the positions of President of the Bahia Roadrunners and the Bahia Antique Car Club. He is a Charter Member, Charter Officer, and Past President of the Bahia Computer Club. Gary is a lover of old cars and has collected several since becoming a member of the Bahia Antique Cars.  His love of vehicles also finds him occasionally riding his Shrine Edition Harley Davidson. "Click Here to Visit Museum of Gary's Cars"

While serving as Membership Chairman in 1999, Gary created and developed the Mentor Program. This has been a successful program used to develop and to get new members involved. The program did so well it was recognized by Imperial Shrine Headquarters, and Gary has presented the program at the annual Imperial Shrine Membership Seminar in Tampa to the Membership Chairmen and Chief Rabbans from all over North America for the past five years. This program is now used through out the Shrine of North America.

For the past five years Gary has been a member of the Imperial Membership Executive Committee.  This is a position that is appointed by the Imperial Potentate each year.  While serving on this committee Gary came up with the idea of a Shrine Mascot to be used to promote Shrinedom and to attract the younger generations.  The result was the birth of Fez Head Fred, the official Mascot of the Shrine of North America that is promoted and used across North America.   In 2002 Gary was appointed by the Imperial Potentate  as a Charter member of the newly formed TRAC Team. This Team is trained to help, aid, and assist other Shrine Centers with all areas of their Shrine including Membership, Leadership, Masonic Relations, and several other area’s.  Over the past 3 years Gary has traveled over 20,000 miles visiting many Shrine Centers across the nation, volunteering his time to assist them

In 1999, Gary started his "Morning MOTIVATIONS" that go out several times a week to over 600 of the Bahia Nobles and others around the country who are set up to receive e-mails from him. This program he instituted has become a great way of communication to the members of Bahia. It has helped to keep our Nobles informed and helped to increase participation at many of our functions

Gary will bring professionalism, and enthusiasm with him, through teamwork as he holds the office of Bahia Potentate in the year 2005. He is a hard working Noble who will keep his focus on Membership and Leadership. Look for him to find ways to keep our Nobles involved and active.  This year will live up to it’s motto of  “Fun with a Purpose.”




1101 West Kennedy Blvd.
Orlando, Florida 32810
OFFICE: (407) 875-0000
HOME: (407) 767-0788
FAX: (407) 875-0480
E-MAIL: GBergenske@aol.com


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